Are you as curious about this product as I am? One thing that caught my interest was its name, Bon Ami. It’s pretty cute I must say. However, I wanted to know more so I got my researching side together to find out where this product came from.



My biggest fear was using a new product that was harmful. This was a mistake I made and lost my pet fish “RED”. I almost ended up in the hospital with a severe headache and nausea.



This product was made for sanitizing yet hazardous to humans and domestic animals. To everyone, read before you use anything on the market or do your research before even purchasing.



I made a promise to myself to only write about safe household products for my readers to try. This is what I found on Bon Ami Bon Am. It is a soft mineral created as a formula in 1886.



During this time they discovered that the mineral alone could be used with soap to become an effective cleaner that is safe for cleaning without scratching. That’s what I wanted to hear, but is it safe for humans?




That’s a question my 17-year-old son asked. Mom are you sure you know what this product is for? Yes, I do, the baby chic has become and has been apart of the package symbol of Bon Ami.



It symbolizes that a baby chic has the potential to scratch less than an adult chic. Simply put, the baby chic represents gentleness.



Bon Ami is a non-toxic natural cleaner that is safe to use in the home. Like all other cleaning products, it’s best to keep away from the eyes and out of the reach of children. Below are all the places and things you can use Bon Ami to clean and feel safe doing so.







To clean your stained toilet is simple with Bon Ami, flush to make sure the water is clean. Sprinkle the powder into the water then add a few drops of white vinegar. Allow sitting for 30 minutes then wash with a toilet brush. Flush once more to remove the residues. Your toilet stains should be gone.







I am sure there are many grout cleaners out there for you to try. Maybe you’ve tried a few by now. Especially for persons in the cleaning business Bon Ami is ideal for grout cleaning.



Simply sprinkle the area with Bon Ami then with white vinegar. Let it remain for 20 minutes, use a brush to brush vigorously. Clean with a damp mop or towel to reveal grout-free tiles.







Cleaning a dirty bathtub is a job most of us dread. Especially if it has multiple users then that’s one to dread. Most times I have to prepare my mind to take on this task.



When I found Bon Ami all that thing about not wanting to tackle my bathtub change. Here is how to clean your bathtub and remove stains using Bon Ami.



First, sprinkle the powder onto a rag and wipe the tub concentrating on the stains. If the stains are stubborn slightly dampen the powder to make a paste. Use this to lay over the stains.



Allow sitting for 15 minutes before using a sponge to scrub the area. Rinse with warm water, I can just see your sparkling and stain free bathtub before me. You will love this product.







If after cleaning your kitchen sink is still looking dull, then your kitchen will appear incomplete. A silvery sink brings off your kitchen, I’m sure you’ll agree with me on that. Using Bon Ami to scour your sink will leave it looking silvery, a look you never knew your sink had all this time.







After that big grill out your grills need to clean and be ready again for another day. The best cleaner for this job is Bon Ami. You can either make a paste or directly sprinkle the powder onto the grill.



Either way, the results will be amazing. Use the powder as a detergent then use a sponge to scrub the grill. If you prefer to use a paste simply combine with vinegar and lather the grill. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes. Wash with dish soap and rinse with warm water and that’s it for washing your grill.







If you’re skeptical about the products you use to clean your microwave then I am right there with you. Most cleaners are harmful for consumption.



If the product is not removed thoroughly from your microwave that can cause serious health issues. That’s why Bon Ami is the best choice for cleaning your microwave.



It has no harmful chemicals so you can feel safe after cleaning your microwave. Simply pour onto a sponge and wipe the interior then sprinkle on the plate and wash with warm water. Rinse well, and return the plate in its place.









Countertops get stained all the time. whether from make-up or our loved coffee. It doesn’t matter the stain, your countertop will look just nasty with those stains. One awesome way to remove those stains is with Bon Ami. Here is how to use it.



Make a paste with dish soap and Bon Ami. Lay it over the stained areas. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes before wiping with a damp sponge. After you’re through wiping the stain will be gone and your countertop left looking amazing. It pays to have a bottle of Bon Ami at hand all the time.







If your pots and pans are looking stained with grease and need a touch of sparkle. Simply treat them to a proper wash with Bon Ami you won’t regret it.



Sprinkle the powder onto the pots/pans then use a scrubbing sponge to scrub the inside and outside. Rinse with warm water and your pots/pans are back to new.







Basically, Bon Ami is great at cleaning any form of cookware. Because of its ability to remove grease and enhance sheen washing your cookware has just become easy.



How to use it? It’s pretty simple, all you need to do is to wash as usual only this time using Bon Ami as your base washing ingredient. Use it to clean, pressure cookers, slow cookers, etc. The results will be amazing.







To clean your hard surfaces, make a solution of 3 tablespoons Bon Ami to 2 cups of warm water. Pour into a spray bottle and mist the surface. Wipe with a rag going backward and forward.



Repeat with a clean damp cloth to reveal a beautiful surface. Now you’ve found a new cleaner for all your cleaning tasks. Have fun using Bon Ami I surely did.






    1. Hi thanks for your question, the trademark is not available in Canada. I checked with Amazon.com for you and yep! you can purchase the yellow one there which can be shipped to Canada. There are two kinds, red and yellow, select the yellow. When you go on Amazon.com search for Bon Ami and follow the instructions. There will be a shipping cost.

      It’s an awesome cleaner, I hope you find it. Good luck!


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