Do you need an aspirin? Someone may offer if you complain of a headache. This is quite true, aspirin is perfect as a pain reliever, but did you know you can use aspirin for other household tricks?




Its odd duties around the home will surprise you that you may be speechless while reading this article. Here are 10 incredible aspirin household hacks you just have to know.






When it comes to sweat stains, try a few aspirins. One of the ingredients in aspirin is Salicylic acid. As you know the word acid simply put means breaking down. This also means that aspirin can be used as a stain remover.




Simply rest the sweat-stained area in warm water. Crush 3-4 aspirins and add to the water, use your finger to rub it in the affected area. Allow the aspirin to do its job for 30-60 minutes depending on how bad the sweat stain is. Remove and wash in with your regular clothes.






I often worry about putting nail holes on my walls. This can even cause a situation if you’re renting the property. With aspirin around you can have all the nail holes you need to hang your frames and other stuff that you hang. With aspirin, no one will ever know a nail hole was there before.




How do you do this you may ask? Well, all you need to do is to grab a few aspirins, crush them into dust form then add a little water to make a paste. Use this to fill the holes or, if the wall is white, cover the holes with the paste. As it dries it will harden and camouflaging with the wall. Isn’t that a clever one?






I have never had ingrown hair, but I heard it can be painful. Pimples I know about and they are to be banished right away. Well, maybe not right away but at least treat the discomfort. With aspirin, you can do just that. Using aspirin to rub on the area will reduce the pain.




All you need to do is to crush the aspirin add a little water to make a paste. Use this to rub onto the pimple or the ingrown hair spot and let it remain there. You can do this as many times as you like until the pimple goes and the ingrown hair situation is fixed.






The itch after a mosquito bite is just nagging. The area is red and itchy making me want to scratch away the itch if you know what I mean? However, this can be dealt with in a much easier manner.




All that’s needed to be done when bitten by a mosquito is to treat the area with aspirin. Crush, as usual, add a little water, and rub the paste over the affected area. TADA! the aspirin will relieve the itch almost instantly.






That’s right, aspirins can be used to break- down rust because of their acidic elements. This specific rust is the one in the tub and the toilet. Simply wet the area in the tub.




Crush a couple of aspirins and use this to rub on the rust. Allow it to rest for 20 minutes then scrub with a sponge. The aspirin will loosen the rust making it easier to remove. For toilets, apply the paste on the rust using an old toothbrush and follow the same procedure.





Sleep it off they say, great advice, but work is calling. How do I get rid of this hang-over? The answer to that is simple. Pour yourself a cup of coffee then toss in an aspirin. Stir to dissolve and sip slowly. Take a shower and your Hang-over is finally over. Sounds awesome right? 






Just like any other cleaner, a few aspirins will give you the same results. Simply dissolve three aspirins into three cups of warm water. Pour the concentration into a spray bottle.




Use this very effective aspirin cleaner to clean your bathroom sink, shower, kitchen counters, and kitchen sink. The results will be amazing and surprising, you’ll want to make it your permanent cleaner.






Chlorine bleach is a common product used for whitening clothes, but not everyone can tolerate its strong smell. Often times your clothes will come out looking worst than it was before if not used properly. Did you know that a few aspirins can whiten your discolored whites and in the process not damaging the material?




To do this separate the dingy whites from the others. Fill a bucket with warm water. Toss in 10-15 aspirins and soak for one hour. When the hour is up, wash on a regular cycle. Your whites will be brightly shining when the circle is done.






Acetylsalicylic Acid is a natural element found in the barks of trees. which goes back to the word Salicylic acid which is also found in aspirin which is a life savior for plants.




This also boasts a vitamin called calcium which strengthens the plants’ immune system. The next time you tend to your plants toss 5 -10 aspirin at the root depending on the size of the plant. The aspirin will dissolve into the soil while the root absorbs the nutrients.





Having battery trouble? Toss three tablets in each battery cell. Allow acetylsalicylic acid to work for one to two hours. This should give it an emergency charge until you get a new one. This is not permanent if the starting trouble is more than just a charge issue this may not work. If it does, purchase another battery ASAP.




Thanks for checking out this article. We hope the tips you found here were helpful.





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