Back in years gone by our homes would have the natural fragrance from the fresh air of the morning circulating throughout every room. Windows and doors would be the only source of deodorizing your home.


On like these days our homes are often closed, sealed, and shut. Air conditioning is our main source of fresh air. This is pretty okay in the summer months but it also comes with another issue, odour.


Homes are constantly having odour issues, why? you may ask. It’s quite clear that with less ventilation the same air keeps circulating in the home.



Some of these are from cigarette smoke, food, trash bins, carpets, litter box, smelly feet, stinky shoes and worst of all, our bathrooms.



With all that’s said, there are amazing ways to keep our homes smelling wonderful and fresh all year long. These tips are what I used daily and weekly in my home and they work great and they will for you too.




A cup of coffee is the first thing most of us reach for in the morning. Use this same brewing of coffee to make your home smell amazing. Keep your coffee maker active for the entire day for a coffee like-smell home.





This is super awesome as thyme is a herb used mostly for cooking. This goes back to frugal and natural living too. Place a small pot of water on the stove. Bring the water to a full boil toss a tablespoon of dried thyme leaves into the water.



Turn off the stove and cover the pot for 10 minutes. Strain the brew and mist your countertops, carpets, trash bin, and anywhere you may think is in dire need of this natural fragrance.






The smell of lemons is highly recommended when cleaning to eliminate nasty odours. This clever form of utilizing these fragrances is just by using its peel.



Simply remove the peel from the fruit. Place a medium-size pot on the stove half with water and bring to a full boil. Turn off the stove and place the citrus peel in the pot and allow cooling. Pour the liquid into a spray bottle or just move on to wiping your entire home with this magical solution.




Most people will gouge at this tip saying, bleach is toxic. Yes, bleach can be toxic if used in the wrong proportions. However, nothing removes and kills bad odour like a touch of diluted household bleach.



Add 1 teaspoon bleach to 1-quart water. Combine well and clean your tile floors, granite countertops, bathroom sinks, bathroom shower, in the trash can and the walls.



Keep away from wooden furniture and fabric. The result of using this regularly is amazing. Your home will eventually have this mysterious yet mesmerizing aroma that even your friends will want to know what you used to get this fragrance.






To make your entire home have a pleasant smell. Solely place a candle into a candle holder.



The burst happens when you pour the Unstoppables into the container surrounding the candle. Ignite the candle and place it in any room of your home. You can make one of these for every room.




If your clothes drawers are musky from the smell of varnish and wood the solution to that can be simple. Use a dryer sheet to place in each drawer.



This will freshen your drawers and make them even better by freshening up your clothes at the same time. Place dryer sheets on your AC vent to make your home smell of fresh laundry.






Use fabric softener to clean your sofas, countertops, toilet, bathroom sinks, pour in your garbage disposal for a constant homely fresh fragrance.






Essential oils are the go-to product for most home smell problems. We are used to essential oils being in diffusers that’s for another tip. Essential oils, when wiped on walls, can miraculously change the smell of a room instantly.



Splash a few drops on the walls and your job is done. FOR CARPETS…smelly carpet? essential oils can control the smell of carpet odours. Do the same with a few drops and your carpet will also be revived instantly.






For homes that have to be closed all the time a humidifier would be perfect at absorbing the bad air.



Place a humidifier in a convenient area of the home or room. This will swallow the moist air and leave your home air dry and fresh and clean.






Take a stick of incense and make your home smell like a green forest. Not only does burning incense replaces the bad odour but it also relaxes your mind and body.



How much better can that gets. Place a lit incense in a metal or glass container and ignite to experience its wonders.







Most times the smell in our homes and cars can be a result of something disgusting hanging around.



I pinpointed the stinky shoe because these culprits are the top culprits when it comes to bad odour in our homes.



Check out your sneakers and see which one is not smelling great. Use Febreeze to mist the interior of the stinky shoe. Baby powder essence and dryer sheets can also eliminate this smell.



Simply sprinkle or spray the baby powder fragrance into the shoe, otherwise grab a few dryer sheets and place them into the shoe overnight.






Piles of sweaty laundry can contribute to why your home has a musky odour. Most of us are guilty when it comes to getting the laundry done when it should be.



Set a deadline to get your laundry done. Another way to control the sweaty odour from circulating is to toss a plugin air freshener into the hamper or basket. This simple trick will keep the odour down until you get around to doing the laundry.




Just like our sweaty laundry dirty linens make our homes smell disgusting. The first thing to do is to change your bed linens at least once per week.



Baby powder is great for bed linen odours. Simply sprinkle on the bed and that’s all it takes. Your bedroom will smell amazing if you do these two easy tricks.




Do we ever consider our drapes when we think of the way our homes smells? Honestly speaking, we don’t, actually, we should clean our drapes or change as often as possible.



Drapes are made from fabric that traps the smell of food, smoke, sweat, and basically, anything that gives off a fragrance goes directly to the drapes.



This odour stays there and releases its odours back into the home making it very smelly and unpleasant.



Wash your drapes once monthly to remove the smelly odour. A simple trick as splashing a few drops of essential oil will also do the trick.




Once an elderly lady told me that if your floor is filthy then your entire home is filthy. That is actually factual because our floor does has odours that we don’t realize is there.



To help your home keeps the fragrance you try so hard to give it. Clean your floors regularly with water and essential oils. Here are a few excellent floor cleaning products that will give your floor a wonderful fragrance.



Murphy’s Oils Soap, best for the board and tile floors, diluted bleach which works well on tiles and linoleum floors, vinegar combined with water works well on all floor types. Try any of these and your floor will love it.



The smell of freshly baked pastries is just what you need in your home. Believe it or not, these sweets will transfer aromas in your home making it smell like a bakery in paradise.


Try tossing some croissants, cookies, cakes, loaves of bread, cupcakes and muffins in your oven and find your home smelling like something to eat.



With these tips and hints, your home will smell incredible. Your visit was welcomed see you soon.






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