My closet is getting out of control! hmm, sounds familiar? Walk-in closets are luxurious and spacious but because of this things are just tossed about everywhere. 




Bags here, shoes there, wigs there, boxes here, is it still a walk-in closet? Whoever sees your closet by the way. When friends come over why not just close the door. These are the comforting thoughts that come to mind to cover the fact that your closet is a MESS.




I am sure you’ve tried many times but it still goes back to the way it was before. I know the feeling and it’s frustrating. However, your closet doesn’t have to be messy and clustered. Good news! we are going to go through your closet step by step and get it to declutter and organized.






Take a few trash bags and boxes with you. The first thing to focus on is the things you don’t need. One question to ask yourself is how do I have this and how often do I use it? For the items, you used “sometimes” place those in a separate box.




The items you never used place those into another box. On his box you want to write whatever you planned to do with them eg: FOR CHARITY, FOR COUSIN LAUREN ETC.




For trash that’s the items not used and is getting old, and you also know you’re not going to wear it again, say you’re goodbyes dump it in the trash bag but as Marie Kondo would say. Always thank the stuff you’re tossing out before doing it.






Now you’re left with only the things you need. Start by hanging your clothes that need to be hanged. Placing each one on a separate hanger. Leaving 1/4 of an inch between each for the material to breathe.




Placing clothes in sections will look beautiful and organized. The extreme way to organize your clothes is to place them in groups. Placing each color with each other. This makes it easier for you to pick something g to wear.






Most of us like to just throw our t-shirts and jeans around,  but these can be folded and be organized too. Fold all your jeans, t-shirts and shorts separate from the others. Place these in a drawer or on a shelf.




If you chose to keep folded clothes in your closet then there must be a designated area for those, not just all over the place where it’s impossible to find and look messy and disorganized on top of that.







There must be a lot of these, but are you wearing all of those shoes. Did you know that over a period of time the glue used to glue your shoe together weakens and will fall apart eventually? This could happen at the wrong place at the wrong time.




This idea of purchasing dozens of footwear can be disastrous in the end. You may just be at a party or out for dinner and your shoe decides to say it’s good-bye. This is called “dry rotten”. Only buy what is needed, it does make sense.






To keep dust away from your shoe place them in air space shoe bags. Another way is to keep them in the boxes they came in. Place the ones you don’t use every day at the further end of the shelf and the regular ones at hands reach.




Toss out the ones that are fading and old. Keeping these around adds to the clutter in your closet. I know it difficult to do, but you can do it. You got it in you. 





These are life saviors. They use a little space and can hold a lot of your personal items. You can keep belts, pins, needles, and threads, etc. Towels and rags are also a good fit for these. Storage containers are also great. These can be purchase at your local stores and pretty cheap too.



Now that you’ve come all the way from not knowing where to start from where to end. Let’s look at the cleanliness of your closet. How’s the smell? To remove the musky odor here are a few helpful hints, air humidifier. plugins air fresheners, Teabags. All of these are great at controlling and removing musky odors.




What are teabags doing in your closet? Teabags are perfect for absorbing bad odors. Simply hang a few used teabags on a hanger then hang it in a corner of the closet. Now that the floor is clear it still needs to be clean with all that cluster that was there before.




Simply sweep, vacuum or mop, and the day is over, and your closet is finally decluttered, organized, and clean.









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