Affordable Decor Ideas For An Elegant Bathroom


Bathrooms are the best spaces in our homes where we can have a lot of fun decorating without worrying too much about following traditional interior design rules – but decorating an elegant bathroom on a budget can be a little tricky.


Having a chic bathroom doesn’t need to be expensive by any means – in fact, you can easily make your bathroom luxurious without shelling out a ton of money on fancy upgrades. The key is to prioritize functional pieces that uplift the space and serve a purpose.


How to decorate your bathroom on a budget


Start by getting rid of the clutter


  • Keep personal care items out of sight


Before embarking on a bathroom makeover, make sure your space is clutter-free. Put away your personal care items so they’re not sitting out in plain sight and relocate anything that doesn’t absolutely need to be kept in the bathroom.


  • Consider increasing bathroom storage


Your bathroom needs to be functional if you want to enjoy using it.


If you don’t have enough space to store your personal care items so they’re not sitting out, consider investing in extra bathroom storage to make the space more practical.


Wall-mounted shelves are a good option for smaller bathrooms. You can install one above the toilet to hold extra toilet tissue and hand towels. A shelf under the bathroom mirror can keep soap and toothbrushes up off of the sink.


You can also get a small, free-standing shelf for folded towels and storage baskets if your bathroom is large enough.


Easy upgrades that make your bathroom look elegant


  • Switch out your outdated hardware


Instead of spending a fortune on a new vanity, swap out any outdated hardware for more stylish designs.


Depending on your style, you can easily pick up new gold, brass, or matte black bathroom accessories including faucets, handles, towel racks, and soap dispensers.


  • Bring in textiles that pop


Hang a few patterned hand towels to add a pop of personality to an otherwise bland bathroom.


You can also have fun shopping for unique bath mats and shower curtains that brighten up your bathroom.


  • Get some cool light fixtures


Replace your existing basic bathroom light fixtures with unique pendant lighting or a chandelier.


You can find affordable light fixtures that will work with the existing wiring in your bathroom, so you won’t need to bring in an electrician.


  • Paint your old wood vanity


Upgrade your existing vanity with a coat of fresh paint without investing in a whole new piece.


You can opt for a color that blends in with the surrounding walls, or have fun with a bold, bright color for a little visual intrigue.


  • Get a classy wastebasket


Often overlooked, the wastebasket in your bathroom can be functional as well as stylish.


Find a wastebasket that compliments the rest of your bathroom decor that’s made out of a neutral material like wicker or stainless steel.


Make the bathroom walls a focal point


  • Have Fun With Statement Wallpaper And Window Treatments


If you’ve ever had the urge to cover your house in funky wallpaper, the bathroom is the place to start. These are one of the most affordable bathroom decor ideas you could come up with.


You can find both permanent and temporary peel-and-stick wallpaper that will instantly add a whole new vibe to your bathroom. While you’re at that why not add bathroom curtains to your shopping list. These are wonderful window treatments.


  • Bathroom Colors Can Extend To The Ceiling


Make a design statement by painting the bathroom ceiling the same color as the walls – it’ll also make smaller bathrooms appear larger and taller.


  • Thrift some unique wall art


Local thrift stores are full of framed wall art that look like they should be hanging in your grandmother’s living room, but those pieces can be a great touch in a modern bathroom.


  • Hang a unique mirror


While you’re shopping around for wall art, look for any mirrors that catch your eye.


Replacing your basic mirror with something more unique can create a beautiful vanity space.


You can also quickly upgrade any mirror with a coat of fresh paint around the frame to tie it in with the rest of the decor.


Add some personality with stylish, functional powder room accessories


  • Stylish storage solutions


Your bathroom storage can also serve as decor.


For example, use a wooden ladder for towel storage or wicker baskets for your small, personal items.


If you want to keep some items on the countertops like soap and perfume, place them on a small tray to keep everything looking intentional.


  • Spa-like accessories


As you wind down your bathroom project, look for ways to upgrade your smaller accessories to add a more spa-like vibe. Ditch the plastic hand soap dispenser and upgrade to one that’s glass or metal.


You can also store cotton balls and Q-tips in glass jars so they’re easy to find.


Lastly, consider replacing your old showerhead with a chic rainfall showerhead or something more modern that compliments the existing hardware in your bathroom.


  • Get some indoor greenery or faux plants


Instead of displaying little knick-knacks as decor, bring in some indoor plants for a timeless design feature.


Plants are a great way to breathe some new life into a room, plus a humid bathroom is a perfect spot for tropical greenery.


Keep your bathroom looking and smelling clean


  • Get some decadent hand soap


Beautiful hand soaps are amazing. They make the perfect affordable bathroom decor ideas. Give your guests a little treat with some high-end hand soap (even if you found it on clearance).


* Display elegant bathroom Decors


bathroom decor ideas can be anything that’s unique. You just need to get creative. Remember the smell of your bathroom says a lot not only the elegant decors.

Keep your bathroom smelling great with a diffuser or room spray. You can also hide your air fresheners in the cabinet or inside a basket so it’s not out in the open for guests to see.



  • Commit to keeping your bathroom clean


Last but not least, always make sure your bathroom is clean before having guests over. Keep in mind that cleaning comes before decorating. Even the most stylish bathroom can be uninviting if there is visible dirt and grime. Store a few cleaning supplies under the sink and have fresh towels on hand so your bathroom is always looking its best.




Your bathroom is the only room in your home where you can have some alone time so why not make it look amazing. Try these incredibly affordable bathroom decor ideas and see and feel the difference simple decors make.