Grease spots on your wooden floor.? Don’t panic, it happens to the best of us and can be removed. The good thing is there are special ways to clean and remove grease from your wooden floor, and that’s exactly what you’re here to find out.


Even if you don’t have grease on your wooden floor stick around just the same, because you never know, accidents do happen and you just might be needing one of these tips.


Here is how to clean those nasty-looking grease spots on your wooden floor so it’s clear as a whistle and transparent as a mirror.






To remove grease spots on your wooden floor simply apply this combination. Pour 1-gallon of warm water into a bucket. To this add 1 tablespoon dish soap and combine well.


Use a mop and this solution to scrub the greasy areas of the floor. Allow the soapy liquid to sit on the grease spots for 5-10 minutes. Now, use a bucket with clean warm water, add the same amount of water as before only now without the dish soap and a clean mop or towel.


Wet the mop/towel in the water and squeeze next to dry. Use this to wipe the floor back and forth until there are no soap or grease spots visible. Allow the floor to dry.



Simply pour 1/2 cup murphy’s oils soap into 2 gallons of warm water. Grab a mop and clean your floor. This will remove dirt, mud, grease and add sheen to the floor. Apply the procedure a second time to ensure a wonderful result.



Baking soda is a gentle cleaner but has its way around breaking down stubborn stains, and removing grease on wooden floors is one of them. When using baking soda on wooden floors be careful to apply only and direct on the affected area.


One important tip to remember is baking soda is also a bleaching agent so if left for a long period of time on wooden floors may cause a slight discoloration. It is best to follow the treatment timer closely.


Apply a dash of warm water directly to the oil stain. Move on by sprinkling baking soda on the wet area.


Allow sitting for 5 minutes wipe with a damp mop with a little muscle in it and the grease spot will have to go. When you’re through clean the floor with a damp mop and your job is done.



Another simple way to remove grease stains on wooden floors is with white vinegar. As you know vinegar is highly acidic while maintaining a gentle strength. This makes it perfect for cleaning wooden floors especially when they are covered with grease and grime.


Most of us hate the smell of vinegar so to counteract the smell get creative and add a little fragrance when wiping. You can never go wrong with scented oils.


To remove grease on wooden floors with white vinegar here is what you’ll need. Grab hold of a bucket, 1 gallon of warm water and 1 cup white vinegar. You’ll also be needing a cleaning rag.


Pour the vinegar into the bucket of water. Submerge the cleaning rag into it and squeeze well. For intense pressure go down on your knees and scrub the grease-stained area only. Another option is a mop for those who can’t bend that low.


Reduce the intensity as the spot fades to avoid scratching the material. Keep applying this method for 3 minutes until the grease stain is gone. Wipe away all left behind residues with a damp cloth or a sheet of damp paper towel.


Never apply an excessive amount of water to wooden floors when cleaning, as wood easily absorbs water. This can lead to swelling and early rotting, so take it easy on the water when cleaning your wooden floor.



Also known as paint thinner Mineral Spirit is ideal for a more penetrated solution. This is easily accessible at any of your local hardware store and every easy on the pocket too. You can also buy this amazing wood cleaner online.


Simply douse a cleaning rag with the solution. Use this to apply to the grease spots on the floor to remove the stain. Continue doing this while adding more Mineral Spirit as you go along and as needed.


Mineral Spirit will not only remove grease but will swipe through stubborn build-up polish, oils and wax leaving your wooden floor fresh and clean. To get the hard to reach areas such as cracks and impossible corners improvise by using a soft toothbrush.


To weaken the strength of the solution, though the Mineral Spirit is not known to damage wooden floors a small amount of dish soap can be added.


To remove the fumes of the solvent just in case you’re concerned about that. JUST A FRIENDLY REMINDER: A glove should be worn when applying Mineral Spirit at all times.


Simply wipe the floor with warm water with a little of your favorite essential oil or Fabuloso these will remove the smell of the fume. The next thing you can do is to ensure the area in which you clean has ample ventilation.



Wooden floors in the kitchen are not really the type of floor that is required for a kitchen. Well, that’s just observation and opinion. There’s just a contract between wooden floors and grease that make them want to stick together.


These oils stains can look horrible and almost impossible to remove. However, this contract can be broken between these two with simple tips that’ll remove the oil marks. The answer to your cooking oil spill problem is POWDERED LAUNDRY DETERGENT.


Make a paste using 1 cup powdered laundry detergent. Add 1/4 cup warm white vinegar combine well. Apply the paste directly to the cooking oil stain ensuring it’s fully covered.


Allow the paste to sit on the stain for 1/2 hour. Use a wet rag and warm water to wipe away the paste. Continue doing this until the paste is disintegrated and the area clean.


You have come to the end of how to remove oils stains on wooden floors. We hope you found tips that will help you or someone you know who has this problem to get rid of the hardheaded grease on their wooden floor. CHEERS!







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