CONGRATS! You got this one on a good deal, how ancient yet beautiful this house is. Maybe you’re just the cleaner that has to clean this home for the new owners. The whole beauty lies in the wooden structure, especially the rustic and dusty hardwood floors that just need to be cleaned to show their true beauty.


How do you clean hardwood floors in old houses you may ask? Well, cleaning old hardwood floors is not usually done the same way as you would with a newly installed floor. Here in this article, you’ll find various ways to clean hardwood floors in old houses.



To get started you’ll need to sweep the floor. I highly recommend dusting the house and removing cobwebs before sweeping to avoid messing up the floor after cleaning it.


Remove all debris lying around on the floor. This will give you more space and a chance to clean everywhere. If possible, remove even the furniture.


Now that you’ve done all that. You’ll be needing these...

  • A mop {2}
  • bucket
  • Toothbrush
  • A soft towel
  • Murphy’s Oil Soap
  • Mineral Spirit
  • baby powder
  • Febreze/Lemon Scented oil


As you can see you’ll be needing 2 mops one will be for the first wiping while the other for the finishing touch. To start cleaning the old hardwood floor which more than likely would have a few cracks here and there the toothbrush is needed here to remove the dust and dirt from between the crevices.



This may call for a little kneeling. You can use the towel to cushion your knees which should do the trick. Use the toothbrush to remove the dust and dirt from the cracks.


Use the broom and dust bin to quickly remove this loose dirt. Fill the bucket with 2-3 gallons of warm water. To this add 1 cup Murphy’s oil soap. This is an oil-based soap that will help to rejuvenate the old floor while cleaning away the dirt and grime.



Use the mop wet with the solution in the bucket to clean the floor as if your life depends on it. These floors are old so they need a little more muscle. Don’t mind it, it’s good for you. Did I mention that cleaning floors are a good way to work out? ♥ 


With that said keep wiping the floor constantly repeating your pattern of wiping until you’re certain you’ve got all the dirt. At this point, you would want to remove the excess water. Never allow the excess water to sit for a long period of time on wooden floors as this will cause swelling of the wood.



To dry the floor spread the towel on the floor then place the broom on the towel as if you’re making a swifter mop. Begin by pushing the broom while still keeping it fixed on the towel. Swirl it across the floor ensuring you’re getting all the excess water,



For this, you’ll be using the Mineral Spirit so get on a pair of gloves and get ready to turn that old hardwood floor into something looking like new.


Pour another 2 gallons of clean warm water into the bucket. Add 1/4 cup Mineral Spirit into the water and swirl around to integrate. Place the clean mop in the water pull up and squeeze as much water as you can from the mop. Our aim is to have a {damp} mop for this process.


When you’re through wiping allow the floor to dry. Get your mop clean and ready to be done with your floor. Now that you have a clean damp mop. Pour 1/4 cup virgin olive oil on the mop with a few drops of Febreze or Lemon scented oil.


The olive oil is a vintage way of polishing hardwood floors. The lemon-scented oil and Febreze will add an amazing fragrance that works well to remove the smell of the Mineral Spirit. Wipe the floor saturating the oils all over the floor.



You can add a few more drops of olive oil as you go along base on how large the area is. I know you are dying to know about the baby powder and why we need it to be a part of cleaning this old hardwood floor.


Baby powder has many odd household uses and one of these is hardwood floors especially those with cracks and squeaks. Most old hardwood floor has cracks which as I mentioned earlier on can be a result of excess water or exposure to too much heat so now you know you can stop thinking about spooky things well, I guess.


Baby powder sprinkled into the cracks will operate as a cushion preventing the squeaks and even very surprisingly preventing any further cracks. Sounds great right! hmmm well, the floor will still need fixing shortly but for now, the problem is fixed with a sprinkle of baby powder.


Okay! we’ve cleaned the floor in this old house and even did a little rainbow-style maintenance work. I am sure your floor will be looking amazing and that’s how you clean hardwood floors in old houses. That was fun! see you soon. By the way, did the title say “NO SWEAT” how was the workout?






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