How To Get Resin Of Your Hands

Welcome to the post where it’s all about resin. You must be having resin issues. Yes, I know it’s a sticky substance that can be difficult to get off hands. Don’t worry here you’ll learn how to get resin off your hands and even your clothes and skin. Isn’t that a bundle? First, it’s important to know all you can about resin.


Here Is What You’ll Find:

  • Things To Know About Resin
  • What Is Resin Used For?
  • How To Get Resin Off Hands Naturally
  • Getting Resin Off Skin
  • How To Get Resin Off Clothes


Things You Should Know About Resin

Resin comes in two forms toxic and non-toxic. Nowadays companies are advertising non-toxic resins which is the epoxy brand. However, either of the two can be harmful. Precautionary measures should be taken when used. Continue reading to learn more about these precautions.


What Is Resin Used For

Resin is a durable multi-purpose substance commonly used in the making of plastic and other strong substances. Some of which are glue and paste. it is also frequently used in casting, art and craft, installing countertops, and flooring. There is so much more to find out.

Gears For Working With Epoxy Resin

  • The Best Face Make: Half Face Dust Respirator face mask
  • Best glove: Nitrile glove
  • goggles


How to get resin off your hands
How to get resin off hands

How To Get Resin Off Hands (Naturally)

Yes, this is true. There is a way to get resin off hands without the use of harsh chemicals such as rubbing alcohol and vinegar. Think about the damage these acidic substances can do to your skin. They can cause serious skin irritations and even more. Listed below is the natural way to get resin off hands. It comes in the form of a homemade scrub that’s easy to make. Are you getting curious as yet?


How To Get Resin Off Your Hands

How do you get resin off your hands? Working with resin, spills will happen. If you worked with resin all the time then you’ll know that this is unavoidable. You may cover your nostrils with a mask and fingers with a pair of gloves, but that’s not all that should be covered. Your skin should also be protected with the proper clothing. The best advice is when working with resin is to wear an outfit that will protect your upper arms and legs.


Dish Soap And Vinegar Handmade Scrub

  1. Hold your hands over the sink
  2. Pour a dab of baking soda in one of your palms/hands
  3. Next, Pour on the baking soda a dish soap
  4. Rub your hands together for a few minutes
  5. Working into the resin
  6. Rinse your hands and repeat the process is necessary
  7. Use a moisturizer to massage your hands after washing as the baking soda may remove the natural moisture.


Don’t Be Tempted To Use These: Baby wipes, Vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or any other harsh chemicals. Why? Using an alcohol-based substance on the skin repeatedly to remove resin (rubbing) can cause a skin reaction. It’s best to use a more natural approach when dealing with the skin.


Getting Resin Off Skin

If the skin on another area of your body comes in contact with resin. Let’s say your upper arms and legs. This is what not to do… Try not to peel it off. This could tear your skin. To remove the resin on your skin you’ll need a more safer and natural approach. Natural as in a scrub that will remove the sticky substance and leave your skin looking healthy.

The following is a natural scrub that can be used on both hands and other body parts. Another good thing about his scrub is that it can be stored for other uses.

Natural Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe

You’ll Need:

  • Olive oil
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • 3 cups brown sugar
  • Small mason jar with lid

Make It:

  • Pour the sugar into the mason jar
  • Next, add 3 drops of the Tea Tree Essential oil
  • Pour in the Olive oil 1/2 cup-1 cup
  • Mix it around until it looks like a scrub
  • Use as a regular hand and skin scrub after using resin

This amazing and safe scrub will free your hands and skin of resin. Your natural scrub can be stored at room temperature. Feel free to go ahead and keep it close to you while you work. It will come in handy in cleaning resin droplets as you go.


How To Get Resin Off Clothes

If resin should get on your clothes washing only may not be the wisest solution. The gluey stain has to be removed while the fabric is still dry. Here is what you should do if this happens.


Mix a solution of 100% rubbing alcohol and 15 drops of Turpentine Essence. Massage it into the resin stain until it becomes loose. Just in case you’re wondering how safe turpentine is. Well, it is very safe for fragile fabric such as linen, wool, chiffon, silk, and lace just to name a few.



The art of working with resin is amazing, Just like every art, there is a downside. With resin, it is all about knowing to get it off your hands. We even added a few extra tips that you could use. These were getting resin off your skin and clothes. We hope this article answers your question about how to get resin off your hands.  Thanks for dropping in, see you soon.


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