The first time I saw these I literally cried. These annoying and dangerous pests are not to be taken lightly. They have become a common pest who enjoys sharing your habitat with you. There are many myths about what causes them and how to get rid of them but somehow they are still around.




 Once I happened to talk to a pest control specialist who said these pests love places that are dark and clustered. That explains why they are hidden in places your naked eyes can not see. The worst part of a bed bug infestation is when they become visible everywhere.






You may be wondering how did I get bed bugs in the first place? They do not have a nest, they live in groups in hidden places where they have easy access to feeding. The scariest part is you can have a visitor over and they take a bed bug with them. It only takes a female to hatch her eggs and that’s it.







Don’t mean to blow your bubbles, but hotels are one of the main causes of bed bugs, yep hotels are one of the main habitats for bed bugs. This I have personally proven. This is clearly not what the property is doing wrong, and most certainly, not that the property is not clean.



The fact is, people from all over the world who stay at hotels, with them may come bed bugs. In this situation, it is hard for the hotel to take the bed bug issue under control. Let’s not blame it all on the hotels. Having a cluttered home or a messy one is also a welcome sign for bed bugs.




Using public seats such as leather and microfiber can also contribute to your bed bug infestation. What really happens is the person who has bed bugs unknowingly travels with them in their clothes and even bags. When this space is shared with this person then it gives the pest the opportunity to make a new home.







Used clothes, furniture, and mattresses are cheap on the market. If you want to cut back on expenses then buying used items will do just that. That’s clearly not advisable as bed bugs love to make their home in mattresses and wooden furniture.




The preferred place for a bed bug is the bed. Here they feed at nights while you sleep. Bed bugs feed on people’s blood for survival. That is quite bizarre. Somehow you may not feel the bites until you notice a painful red rash in the morning then comes the itch.




If taking home an affected item can be the cause of your bed bug issues. How then you make ask? If you insist on purchasing used items then it should be treated before taking into the home. Heat is an excellent treatment. This will kill the eggs and adults.




Another effective product is rubbing alcohol. Mist the item with this then mist again in twenty-four hours. Leaving the item in the sun will also kill the eggs. 






One of the first signs is bites on your skin. They come in the form of a red rash. The other is blood spots on your bed linen. Also, check for tiny black marks alongside your mattress edges and also in the creases and on the surface area. Do not take a dark spot lightly when checking for bed bugs.






*Clean the entire area by removing curtains, bed linens, and wash all your clothes in extremely hot water. As much heat as they can take will give better results.




*As mentioned earlier on one treatment for mattresses is rubbing alcohol. After misting the mattress use a brush to brush the entire mattress. Use a vacuum to vacuum the mattress getting the crevices.



*Make sure to discard the vacuum bag safely by tying the knot tightly and tossing it in the outdoor bin immediately after use. Cover the mattress with a bed bug protector also the bed boards. This should prevent the bugs from returning just in case you have runners.






Give your home a general declutter and cleaning after treating. Seal all cracks and openings on furniture and floors, These bed bugs hate clean surroundings and will not want to stick around. If it’s this simple then why not make your home bed bug-free. 







  • Check for beds when staying at a hotel
  • Bed bugs move around with people
  • Watch out for used furniture and linen
  • Treat the area with rubbing alcohol and heat
  • Wash all linens with hot water
  • Seal all cracks and hiding places
  • vacuum the mattress and brush
  • Declutter and clean the area


Bed bugs will be around for a long time, we just have to know how to deal with them when they decide to pay a visit



We hope you find these tips helpful. See you soon.










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