That’s is not pudding! frantically and skeptically those were my words. Growing up on the beautiful island of Jamaica food is the main talk of the day. The puddings and the spicy dishes are what you live for each day, what else could it be.




After traveling to other countries I realized that their foods were different in a lot of ways, but still on my taste buds were the tasty sweet potato pudding the pudding lady sold at the market on weekends, her name was Ms. Daisy.




She would bake the tastiest sweet potato pudding in a large enamel pan called the baking pan. At the market, her customer’s wood swept it away before she could lower the pan from her head yep that was how she carried it.




One day I asked her to stop by me before going to the market. Of course, I wanted to taste what everyone was talking about. What happened that day changed my life. The taste of that sweet potato pudding was hallelujah.




That pudding was soft but not able to be eaten with a spoon, hmm interesting. The coconut jelly-like flavor on the top makes you forget where you are, it was perfect. I had to get that recipe no matter what it takes. That pudding was the master of puddings.




Seeing how determined I was to get the recipe Ms. Daisy obliged me and set me free. I want to share this recipe with you too. The real Jamaican style sweet potato pudding is just perfect for breakfast, buffets, and lunch. Here’s is how to make the best Jamaican potato pudding right there in your kitchen.








2 pounds sweet potato, 1/2 pound bleached or wheat flour


1/4 cup brown sugar, 1 dried coconut, or 1 canned coconut milk


1/4 cup margarine, cinnamon powder, nutmeg, vanilla a pinch of salt





A nine-inch baking pan or a two-pound bread pan any will do


You’ll also be needing a spoon or just your hands


1 medium-size bowl


Make sure you have a working oven and a blender






Remove the inner part of the coconut.  Use a knife to cut this area out of the husk.  The husk can be broken by hitting it with a hard object. Cut into small cubes and blend. When it’s done extract the juice by pouring it into a strainer and squeezing.




The easier way is to use canned coconut milk which will work just the same. Move on to peeling the sweet potatoes and dicing them into small pieces




Blend these on the grate. Make sure to put your blender on the grating feature on your blender with pour in  1/4 cup tap water when doing this. You are trying not to liquefy the potatoes so the amount of water is crucial. A grater is the best way but this can be very time-consuming. After blending remove and pour into the bowl.




Add the butter and sugar. Use your hands or the spoon to combine the ingredients. Continue by adding the flour, nutmeg, cinnamon powder, a pinch of salt, and the vanilla.




Combine once again until all ingredients are incorporated. Pour the coconut milk into the batter and stir making sure all ingredients are saturated.





Turn your oven on 360 degrees. Grease your pan with butter or a cooking spray. Bake for 45 minutes. Allow the pudding to cool before eating for the true taste. Serve with a hot milk-based tea, coffee, or herbal tea. This master pudding is ideal for lunch super and even breakfast.



We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to give us feedback on your results.








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