Have you ever wondered if there’s anything you can do to make your trips to the grocery store less, or to a trick to make your groceries last longer? Well, come to think of it you’re at the right place. We seem to be thinking of the same exact thing.


How do we get our groceries to last longer in times like these? Actually, it was easier than I thought. Here We’ve put together a list of some of the most common items on our grocery list that we would want to have lasted longer. Here they are, let’s take a look.




The first thing you should do when buying canned groceries for storing is to check the date. Even if it’s not expired you want to make sure the date is not close to expiring.


This way you’ll keep your canned food going for months or even years. Canned groceries are not easily expired because of the sodium used to preserve them, so these are excellent storage items. 


HOW TO STORE YOUR CANNED GROCERIES? This is simple, it’s the “first in first out” method. These can be stored in containers, preferably cardboard boxes or shelves.


Avoid using plastic storage containers as these are prone to sweating which can cause rust on the cans and premature degrading of the food. Use the one’s closest to the expiration date to ensure you’re eating good quality canned food.





This is a trick I do every month. There’s is a special bread I like to eat and that bread is in another state.  I bet that sound a little weird, do I travel every week to this state to purchase my fresh bread? Nope, not really?


Actually, you’re going to realize that bread is not so difficult to store after all. You can really stop your bread from going bad too quickly by trying this amazing storage trick.


Once per month, I’ll have these loaves delivered to me. This simply means I have to order in bulk. When they arrive, here’s how I store my loaves of bread. I simply place them in another plastic bag, sealed tightly and place them in the freezer.


This way your bread can last for a month or even longer. Before using simply remove it from the freezer, allow it to defrost and enjoy your bread that tastes like it just came from the oven even weeks later.




Rice is one of the best survival foods and also one of the most common food on a grocery list especially if you have children. Rice is one of the best storage food you could think of if you’re looking for a long term plan.


However, how you store your raw rice so it last is very important. If your raw rice gets WET  while still in a lock-tight container then you’re up for a whole batch of decaying rice. If you notice the rice turning dark blue then it’s time to toss it out!



To make your raw rice last longer which means going up to 4-5 years try doing this. Store in a plastic container in a dry place. Avoid storing in moist areas. Do not store on the ground. A little extra tip for you… 


STORING COOKED RICE, after cooking allow the rice to cool. When the rice is completely cooled pour it into a zip lock bag, sealed tightly and place in the freezer. When you’re ready to use, remove and place in the microwave on preheating, and there goes your freshly cooked rice.




To store your cheese remove it from any plastic wrap and use wax paper or parchment paper instead. Line a plastic container with a small damp rag then place the cheese into the container. Replace the lid and store it on the top shelf of the refrigerator. Here the temperature is coldest.


However, for a long term storage plan sliced cheese would be your best choice as these have extra preservative to make them last longer. They are already packaged in containers specially made for preservation. This will last for weeks.




To store your liquid milk is to freeze it. This is your liquid milk, however, liquid milk is not highly recommended if you’re looking for something long-lasting. Just in case this is the milk you want to store here’s how.


Another option other than just storing in the freezer is to heat the milk. Pour the milk into a pot, place it on low heat. Allow the milk to come to 65% warmth, not boil.


Allow to cool, pour back into the same container or another and place in the freezer. Heating will kill the organisms that cause decay. This way the milk will take on a cooked form and will have a longer life.


Powdered or canned milk is a better choice when trying to make your groceries last. These can go for years without going bad, they are tasty and have the same nutritional benefits as liquid milk, isn’t that amazing! On top of that, they are cheaper.




Fruits without a doubt are highly degradable. Most fruits are most tasty and packed with juices at the fermented state like mangoes and bananas.  Fruits cannot last for weeks but you can do things to add a few more days to their life span.


To do this keep your fruits in the container you bought them in. Place the bag in the crisper while ensuring it has enough air holes. This will keep your fruits from going bad a little longer. EXTRA TIP: Before your fruits go bad try making a refreshing juice by blending the fruits.




When storing cereals it’s best to remove them from their original container if you plan on opening the box. If the box is opened pour the balance of the cereal into an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator.


Cereals stored in the refrigerator will last for months. If they are stored at regular room temperature they will only have their crunchiness for a month.




To store fresh meat use sheets of paper towels to remove the excess juices by tapping the meat all over. When you’re through tapping away the outer liquids place the meat in a container suitable for storing meat.


When storing meat chose to store it in a glass container of hermetically plastic. These play a big role in the quality of stored meat.




One frugal way to store meat is to season your fresh meat. Cut your fresh meat the way you would if you were cooking right away, wash it, and season with spices. Place in a Ziploc bag and store in the freezer.


Not only will this keep your meat for months but the spices would have soaked into the core of the meat. With this happening, you can just imagine the taste of your dinner.




To store potatoes so they last are to keep them away from water and moisture. Avoid washing your potatoes if you’re not ready to cook them. Potatoes are actually seeds, and adding water will encourage sprouting.


Keep your potatoes in a dry and airy place. Avoid leaving your potatoes in plastic bags. Have a basket with holes on it to store your potatoes in. These will not last for months the longest it will go is for one month, still not bad right? We can work with that.




Like all vegetable, they take water to grow but when mature water is really bad news, it can make them go bad. This too with lettuce, to keep your lettuce for weeks. All you need to do is to strip the leaves, do not wash. Place a sheet of paper towel in the bottom of a mason jar then place the leaves into the jar.


Close tightly and store in the fridge door. When you’re ready to use remove the leaves and wash. Move on to making the most crunchy vegetable salad there is. This will save you tons of cash each month and trips to the market, so grab a few mason jars on your next trip to the store.




A whole cabbage is better to store than a cut cabbage. Cutting a cabbage causes it to lose vitamin C which leads to spoilage.


To store your cabbage place it into a plastic wrap while dry and store it in the bottom drawers of the refrigerator. For best results remove the saggy leaves before storing. This will keep the cabbage going for longer.


Check on the cabbage once weekly to ensure it’s still in good shape. Frankly speaking, cabbage is not a storage vegetable, so trying to do this for a month may leave you with a very low-quality cabbage and a stinky fridge too. The longest a good tasty cabbage will be able to go for is two weeks.




The good old bell pepper, so lovely yet so easily decayed. To keep this delicate vegetable is quite a science yet it can be done. Keep your bell peppers in the least cold part of the refrigerator which is at the extreme bottom. Avoid storing it in plastics, instead wrap it in a sheet of paper towel.


Another way to store your bell pepper so they last are to BLEND IT. You can blend your bell pepper and add a touch of salt and vinegar. Store in a mason jar and use it for flavoring your meals when cooking.


This jar can be stored on the top shelves of the refrigerator. Never remove the inner core of the bell pepper if you’re just planning on using only half. This will cause early decay.




To keep your carrots for up to a month wrap them in a paper towel then place them in a plastic bag. Avoid excess moisture as this will cause the carrots to decay quickly.


With this storage trick, your carrot will be able to go for a month. Carrots are really short term vegetables so they should always be the first on the menu.




Thanks for checking out these amazing grocery storage tips that will have your groceries lasting longer, see you soon!




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