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How To Use Sprite To make Your Flowers Last Longer



If you own a flower garden then this could be the reason you stopped to read this article. The topic mentioned ” Sprite” being used to make your flowers last longer. 



That is not as cliche as it may sound. Science has proven that any form of Citrus soda can add sugar and acids to your flower water. Which is exactly what Sprite soda is made up of. To boost the growth and health of your flowers, take this simple step.




Combine one cup of Sprite to each gallon of water and water the roots of your plants once per week. Another Citrus soda that is also perfect for plants’ health is 7 UP. 



Simply follow the same procedure as with “Sprite” and your garden will be the most beautiful in town. Share your secret with your neighbors and get every garden in your neighborhood blooming for the Spring.




This is an awesome tip for you. We hope this works well for you. Have fun gardening and see you soon!


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