20 Most Tasty Jamaican Meals


Are you a lover of Jamaican cuisine? I really hope that you are because I would love for you to take this journey of exploring more about what meal to have or prepare.


If you’ve never experienced this food adventure then now is the right time to start. The good thing about the idea of choosing a Jamaican meal is almost impossible. The honest fact is, that all Jamaican meals are delicious.


I am sure you would want to know the best combination of food that works on a Jamaican plate. Breakfast and dinner in all Jamaican style presentation. Here you’ll be able to put these dishes together all by yourself.


Maybe you plan on taking a vacation these meal ideas will make you a pro at ordering at a restaurant or a street-side food vendor. Here are the 10 best Jamaican meal ideas that will have you begging for more.




1. Fried plantains, callaloo, and saltfish, green boiled bananas, boiled or fried dumplings, and a slice of yam. The plantain is fried and has a sweet-savory taste. They are sliced into various shapes and sizes. These are really tasty.


Callaloo has a close resemblance to collards. This green leafy vegetable Is ideal for the perfect breakfast and actually is quite popular on breakfast plates in Jamaica. The callaloo is cut into tiny pieces and steamed with wonderful herbs and spices. A touch of coconut milk is added at the end to enhance that flavor.


Saltfish or codfish is fish preserved in salt and can be found in the national dish of Jamaica. This is very delicious when prepared. The salt fish is soaked d and boil to extract as much sodium as possible. Then it is prepared with slices of onions, scotch bonnet pepper, and a dash of black pepper.


These spices are optional based on the chef. I personally have my secret ingredient which I will share in HOW TO PREPARE JAMAICAN SALTFISH. The saltfish will go well with callaloo when combined or prepared separately.


Green bananas are a must-have on a dish like this. These bananas go well with any protein and make you feel fit as a lion when you’re through having them.


These I still prepare every week at my home. They are simply boiled in or out of the skin when boiled removed from the skin and placed on a plate. Hmm, that makes me hungry.


Dumplings are popular in Jamaica and can be found on the dinner table of most homes. These are made of flour, salt, and water. My take on this is to add coconut milk when kneading. These are great for boiling and frying and go well with meats, fish, and steamed vegetables.


A slice of yellow or white yam, yam is different in Jamaica than those called yams in the United States. The yams in Jamaica can be very large in size and is not as sweet as the one in other countries. They are a must-have on this breakfast plate to complete the presentation.


2. Saltfish fritters with coffee tea. Have you ever heard about the Blue Mountain Peak Coffee Is Jamaica? Well, you surely are now, it’s one of the strongest and tastiest coffees in the world. A simple breakfast in Jamaica can be just as simple and tasty at the same time with a cup of coffee on the side.


3. Sweet Potato pudding with chocolate tea. This chocolate tea is made from the actual fruit picked from the cocoa tree. These trees are found in most rural communities. This chocolate tea is the real deal on a quiet morning with the rhythm of the reggae beat and birds singing.


4. Roast breadfruit with ackee and saltfish. This breakfast will have you dreaming for days or even weeks. Breadfruit is green round fruit found growing on a tree is one you’ll need to experience. This fruit can actually replace bread on your plate.


The breadfruit goes well with ackee and saltfish on a Sunday morning. The breadfruit is picked, drain for a day to remove the stain. Then it is roasted on a wood fire or charcoal. This is peeled and sliced place on your plate. Most cooks like to fry it before serving but remain the same.


5. Cow Liver with fried dumplings and green bananas. If you are not afraid to eat exotic meals then this breakfast will work for you. The cow liver is sliced into small bits and cooked in the most amazing spices. The smell of this is very hypnotizing you won’t remember what it was.


This is mostly served with green boiled bananas and fried dumplings and a hot cup of tea or tropical juice. Cow liver is often served along with callaloo so you can look for this as a side on your plate if you order this meal.


5. Steamed dish, This perfect dish is one to love. Steam fish is mostly served with water crackers which are actually steamed with the fish. These two are tossed in a thick skillet known as the “Dutch pot” and simmer with a combination of spices that will have you begging for more.


6. Peanut Porridge…This bowl of boiled peanuts is the right juice if you’re yearning for a breakfast cereal meal. In Jamaica, cereals are not what kids are grown to eat instead they are given porridge, and peanut porridge top them all. Driving by you will see street food vendors serving this wanting for more porridge.




7. The first on the menu for dinner has to be the famous Jamaican Jerk Chicken. This soft smoky chicken is awesomely tasty. Jerk chicken can be served alone, that’ how good it is. If you chose you can have rice and pies or slices of buttery hard dough bread to top it off.


8. Ackee and Salt Fish Run-Down. This ackee and saltfish twist is sure to get you out of your seat. This national dish of Jamaica “Ackee and Saltfish” is cooked down in coconut milk which gives it an unexplainable taste. This dish is also perfect for breakfast and dinner. Goes great with roast breadfruit, yams, or bread.


9. Escoveech Lobster. Escoveech is a way of preparing fish. This is mostly done on snappers. Escoveech lobster is exciting to have for a dinner meal. Prepared with hot peppers, large slices of onions and vinegar is totally delicious. The sides are optional or just have a Red Stripe Beer.


10. Curried Goat And Rice…Curried goat is a traditional dish and is high on the menu chart. Curry goat is cooked in curry powder and other wonderful spices.


A touch of coconut milk is added for the famous flavor it’s known to have. Curry goat is served with white rice, rice and peas,  yams, and fried ripe plantains. This is a must-have.







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